Free Transport

Come on Board is being supported by Bristol Community Transport (BCT) who are providing FREE transport to and from activities through their Dial-A-Ride service. To help Bristol Community Transport as much as possible, transport requests must be made a minimum of 3 days before it is required, thank you.

What is Dial-A-Ride? – Dial-a-Ride is a membership-based, door-to-door transport service for older and disabled people who have difficulty using public transport either because of mobility issues and/ or because they cannot access a bus route.

Follow the steps below to request your transport

1. Become a member of Bristol Community Transport. You can do this online here or fill out both the “Dial-a-Ride Equalities Monitoring Form” and the “Dial-a-Ride Membership Application Form” and send in to Bristol Community Transport.

To make sure you are not charged the £5 membership fee –

  • If you are completing the membership form online – In the section that asks “Is there anything else you would like to share with us?” – Select “Yes”. Then  in the section below “If Yes, please state:” add All Aboard Watersports – Come on Board.


Complete the rest of the form, select Dial-a-Ride and “Submit”. Your application will then be sent to Bristol Community Transport, DO NOT COMPLETE THE NEXT WORLDPAY SECTION, this is not required.

  • If you are completing and sending in the downloadable forms – Complete both the Equalities Monitoring Form and the Dial-a-Ride Membership Application Form. On the Dial-a-Ride Membership Application Form please add – “MEMBERSHIP FEE NOT REQUIRED – ALL ABOARD WATERSPORTS – COME ON BOARD”. Then either send via post or e-mail to Bristol Community Trust (contact details here)


Bristol Community Transport aim to approve your membership on the day of your form submission or on the day it is received, you will be then be contacted with confirmation and your membership number.

2. Give Bristol Community Transport a call (0845 130 1875 or 0117 902 0157) and request your transport. Please make sure to have the details below on hand to make it as easy as possible for the fantastic staff at Bristol Community Transport.

  • The time/ date you would like to be picked up from your home
  • The time/ date of the Come on Board activity you will be attending
  • The location of the Come on Board activity (these can be found on the specific activity pages on this website)
  • The time you would like to be picked up from the Come on Board activity
  • If you will be taking any mobility aids e.g wheelchair, walking frame

Please be aware this is not a guaranteed service – Bristol Community Transport schedule the transport the day before it is required (i.e Monday for Tuesday journeys) to maximise the number of people who can use the service as capacity is limited. Due to this sometimes your requested times may have to move slightly or it could mean that your request is unable to be approved/ met. You will be notified if your request is either being changed or is unable to be met.